“M Colis Creative provided detailed, thoughtful edits in a timely manner that helped me completely restructure my personal statement into a well-written narrative. I’m beyond happy with the results and received many compliments about my personal statement on the interview trail. Would highly recommend!” – Efe Kakpovbia, Medical Student and Residency Candidate

“M is one of the best, most perceptive editors I’ve ever worked with. She has a talent not just for identifying problems in a story, but for brainstorming creative solutions that fit seamlessly into the manuscript. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone struggling to figure out how to improve their work—you definitely won’t be disappointed.” – Ella Dyson, Freelance Editor and Writer

“M possesses a strong understanding and eye for storytelling. From uncovering the heart of a character’s motivation to the purpose of an ever-moving plot line, her ability to pinpoint the elements of what truly makes a compelling narrative is invaluable for any writer looking to delve deeper into their stories and craft. M was one of my first readers on a novel that eventually landed me my literary agent, and her keen editorial insights definitely helped me take that project to the next level!” – Janella Angeles, Author, Where Dreams Descend

“M has helped me numerous times throughout the years with all of my editing needs. She helped me tailor my resume to showcase my talents and helped me craft a stronger personal statement when applying to graduate programs (successfully). She has exceptional attention to detail and always understands the larger context enough to provide well-rounded, thoughtful recommendations.” – Kelsey Hogan, Genetic Counselor

“M’s insight is absolutely invaluable on every level. Her notes gave me so many breakthroughs. She helped give my story the clarity that I had longed for. She really challenges you to think about every single decision that your characters make and forces you to level up, whether big picture or little picture. M has got you covered. If you want edits that will not only help your current work in progress but will change the way you think about shaping and revising your future projects, definitely use M’s editing services.” – Melody Simpson, Author and Entertainment Blogger

“M Colis was hugely helpful in editing my health coaching website at both a big-picture and granular level. She listened carefully to my vision and thoughts, and helped me edit my work without straying from my authentic voice. Together we strategized how to communicate effectively to my target audience, which I feel is the most important part to my business succeeding. I would recommend M Colis to anyone looking to take their creative endeavors to the next level and have fun along the way!” – Rebecca Pollick, Founder of Wellness with Becca

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