M Colis Creative offers content and strategy consulting for a range of mediums: from novels to query letters, personal statements to resumes, and personal blogs to business marketing material.

M Colis is a writer and editor with over five years experience. Though she reads everything from fantasy debuts to resumes to health coaching websites, she always maintains a focus on the bigger picture. She enjoys considering a novel’s place in the current market as much as discussing its multi-layered plots, and would rather talk an entire application process than just one version of a personal statement.

For more information on services, including rates and current availability, contact M Colis. Depending on volume of requests, full content evaluations may not be possible, but every effort will be made to accommodate broader strategy consultations. Please note: M Colis does not accept copy edit requests (sentence-level editing). However, she would be happy to refer you to professional copy editors she has worked with extensively in the past.

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