Quick Hello from Vermont and Revisions News!

I am sad to say there will be no book updates this week, but that is because last week was SUCH a crazy writing push for me – literally went from 7AM to 11PM (or 12AM, or 1AM, as the week went on) doing revisions work….Which led up this miraculous moment below, that for four months I wondered if I would ever reach, which I rolled into around 10AM on July 4th….

Lady Elizabeth, with me until the final hour!
Lady Elizabeth, with me until the final hour!

In case you can’t see it, those lovely, tiny, two words on the screen say – drumroll please – THE END. As in, I have officially made it to the end of this monstrous rewrite and finished round 1 of revisions of Palace of Moonlight!!! It has been a long ride, and I am so happy to have reached this milestone!

A huge thank you to all who have been amazing cheerleaders every step of the way – my family, my critique partners (looking at you and your perpetually inspiring text messages/tweets/care packages Akshaya and Janella!).

Speaking of care packages…. here are the Filipino bracelet and mini monkey that came as part of our mid-revisions care packages from Janella!! Fun fact – my package was addressed to Jasmine and Raja. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s Jasmine, Raja and even Abu ;P

I think Raja likes Abu... kinda. She looks happy, right?
I think Raja likes Abu… kinda. She looks happy, right?

And a special thanks to one wonderful Susan Dennard for her roadmap to revisions which gave me a flashlight in the murky haze of muddling through my unwieldy MS! Link to the start of her guide below.

http://susandennard.com/2011/05/soozs-guide-to-revisions-lesson-1-what-the-heck-did-you-write/ <<< Highly recommended for any writers, ps that’s only the first of about 26 segments she wrote on revisions! She is amazing!!

Could not have done it without you all. Thank you, thank you. And of course, to the writer cat…. you might be annoying when you walk on my keyboard, but I love you anyways 🙂 and at least you put up with my gollumness! I am currently on a weeklong break from revisions (while convenient recovering from my gollum-like/cave-creature-inflictions in beautiful, nature rich Vermont) so more to come next week on round 2 of revisions and hopefully new books. In the meantime let me just finish on a slightly ridiculous note… namely, writer cat meets catnip. I call it the catniption fit. You’re welcome.

2015-07-08 20_56_36
Catniption fits ensue!

❤ Madeleine

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