Recharge and Keep Writing

Life: Hi all! I’ve been trying to do blogging on Sundays, but I was so exhausted last night that that was so not gonna happen… so you get one now! I was wiped out, in a good way, because I spent the weekend in Galena, IL (western illinois) with some good friends. I was getting a little anxious on Friday about going out of town again when I’m just sinking into revisions fully, but honestly I think it was a great recharge. Short, sweet, and packed with meaningful interactions. Here’s a picture of the vineyard we visited while there.


We got to take a tour of the wine lab/machinery/beautiful barrels (so cool – I want a wine barrel!) do some tasting (so yummy), soak up the scenery (gorgeous rolling fields) and even catch glimpses of the wedding going on in the middle of the vineyard!! Seriously, I joke a lot about being a hermit in the cave, and sometimes I am… but even I know that time out in the world can be great for recharging the muse :-). Honestly, before I left I felt kind of like this –

IMG_8481BLAHH REVISIONS BLAHH (who said writers weren’t melodramatic??)!!!

And now I feel a little closer to this –



Reading: on the book front, I flew through four of Sophie Jordan’s books last week – her Ivy Chronicles three part series (NA romance, GREAT reads) and Off Base, a set of two short stories she wrote with Tessa Bailey centering on military romances (also fun). ANNND I don’t think I posted this yet, but I finished Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta and OH MY GOD.

Seriously, this woman is a genius and her books are beautiful. I loved each one on its own, but the trilogy as a whole (The Lumatere Chronicles) was masterfully done. It’s dark and twisty and complex at every turn, and I loved every minute of it. I am using the second book, Froi of the Exiles, as one of my comp titles, but really that’s flattering myself because if one of my books can remotely be compared to hers I think I might collapse in to fits of happiness for the rest of my life. If you like dark, complex YA high fantasy, go read now!!!!

Writing: I finally hit a benchmark Friday at 1/3 of the book (rewriting/revising) complete!! This may seem slow, and it does to me sometimes, but… it feels so good to be solidly in the middle third of the book now. After such a slow start in revisions, it’s good to be moving steadily forward again. More updates to come soon!

Oh, and obligatory writer cat picture below as well. Because I think she’s happy for me too!


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