Week of May 11 – RT Booklovers Convention!

Life: Hello again blog world! After a crazy few weeks of travel, I am almost on my way back to Chicago – for the foreseeable future!! I know, I know, weird thing to be excited about, but truly, although the travels of the last month (two? eek) have been incredible… I am so ready to be home for a while. Things on the homebody’s horizon – revisions, organizing beautiful RT books on bookshelves, revisions, eating normal meals again, revisions, reading said fab RT books… did I mention revisions? On that note – 

Writing: Has been happening slowly. I think I’ve mentioned before that the revisions process is my arch-nemesis. The same is still true :0. However, I have to say that some of my slowness of revisions over the last two months mayyy have had something to do with the near incessant travel I piled onto my life this spring. But… on the moving forward in the writing process side of things… the RT Booklovers Convention (a huge readers and writers con with lots of authors, workshops, book pitching opportunities and general ridiculousness) was AMAZING. I cannot begin to say enough about the crazy helpful advice from writing panels, the sheer kindness of the authors, or how wonderful it was to finally hang out in person with my fabulous critique partners. So let me just say here – thank you Dallas, thank you RT, thank you everyone we met there… and Janella & Akshaya, we have sooo many skype CP dates in our future because I  about to miss you like crazy!

Reading: On the RT topic – just books on books on books. I think I am coming home with… 50? Maybe more? And around 300 free ebooks. So… yeah. And a lot of them signed! So if you don’t here from me for a while, I might be in a book cave. Oops. And in the last month… I’ve read a whole lot of J.R. Ward (still amazing) and a couple of other books but not sure I’ve finished any of them. Be on the lookout for a whole lot of new things in the next few weeks though. My book pile is now more than waist high. But actually.  And until next time… happy almost summer!!!! 😘



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