Week of April 20 – More Travels and Coming Home

Sorry it’s been two weeks! Travel took over life for a while, in the best way possible. 🙂

Life: Like I mentioned, lots of travel, but I’m finally back in the good old, bipolar spring-inclined Midwest. It was a wonderful few weeks, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to work. Hence this post being another short one! Also, I’ve included a few pictures below.

Reading: Ahem. Okay. The other reason I haven’t posted in two weeks. I like to read I travel. Shamelessly. So here goes nothing: about 6 romances… I think! A couple of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and the second of Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. And also read Anne Bishop’s The Invisible Ring and Melina Marchetta’s Froi of the Exiles. All were great, and all were by author’s whose work I’ve read before.

In particular, Froi of the Exiles blew me away. I think I am actually going to need some time away from the trilogy before I read the last book (Quintana of Charyn). It just reached into my head and rattled my brain that much. High fantasy, pretty dark, but seriously good – great characters and incredible twists.

Writing: …Did I mention I’ve been binge-reading and traveling for the last two weeks? Oops. So yeah. A bit of rewriting and overall character/timeline planning happened… but now it’s time to get down to work for real. So without further ado… I’m gonna go write some things!!

Hi Paris... and delicious macarons in hand! :-)
Hi Paris… delicious macarons in hand. 🙂
Île Saint-Louis
Île Saint-Louis
Lady thinks she deserves a spot at the bfast table... complete with her own tea and book.
Lady thinks she deserves a spot at the breakfast table… complete with her own tea and book. 

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