Week of March 30 – Into the Neutral Zone

Life: Hello from Lucerne, Switzerland! It will be a quick post today because, well, it’s Switzerland and there’s hiking to be done, mountains to be seen, chocolate and cheese to be eaten, etc.… 😉 And I still need to do a little bit of work before we take off for a hike! But, I’ll just say that it is beautiful here, even in the rain, and more pictures will follow.

Writing: Still knee deep in revisions! I am going to try and do at least an hour a day even with the travels, because I’d like to have my MS ready to go by this summer. There are several reasons for this timeline, one of which is the RT convention in Dallas this May. I am so excited for it, in no small part because my lovely CPs, Akshaya and Janella, will be there! Also, there will be lots of published authors, aspiring writers, avid readers, and… editors and agents who could potentially request a full manuscript if they like the sound of your story. So it’s exciting. But slightly terrifying. But exciting. Did I mention I should probably get back to revisions now?

Books: Finished Erin Bowman’s Taken and Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound this week. Both were excellent. Well written dystopian and dragon filled romance – need I say more? Really though, I’m not usually a big fan of dystopian, but I thought Taken was very well done – and great characters/captivating family relationships (though I may be biased because my own books revolve around close family ties as well). And Dragon Bound was so wonderful – such a quirky, unapologetic, original voice. Plus I love dragons. A lot. Reading about five books at the moment though (I may have a bit of book ADD) so should have more for next week. Be well everyone and happy Easter/Passover/Palm Sunday for Greeks/Orthodox Christians!

Zurich is pretty, even in the rain!
Zurich is pretty, even in the rain!
Fondue time :-) so much cheese!!!
Fondue time 🙂 so much cheese!!!
On the train from Zurich to Lucerne
On the train from Zurich to Lucerne

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