Week of March 23 – Traveling Begins!

Life: Hello from New Orleans! This is my life news for the week – visiting Louisiana these next few days with my wonderful mom. I’ll post a few pictures below. Overall, a few things I’m looking froward to: wandering the neighborhoods, eating beignets, and seeing the Bayous!!

Writing: Revisions are marching on! Entered into week 4 of revisions, and am diving into making the actual changes on my manuscript. Sometimes this is frustrating… like when it becomes clear that a rewrite is necessary/more efficient than trying to change two out of every three sentences. But hey, I like the drafting process more than the revising process, so rewriting is more up my alley. And as always, Susan Dennard’s website/step-by-step guide to revising is incredible, and so are my critique partners. They are the only reason that revisions have not completely eaten my soul.

Books: Mmm I think I’ve finished a few in the last week. The three that I’m certain about are: Maggie Stievfater’s Shiver, Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds, and Megan Whalen Turner’s The Queen of Attolia. All well-known YA books with some gorgeous writing. The Queen of Attolia in particular was incredible – I still feel kinda like a tornado ran through my mind and left an enchanting mess in its wake. It’s the kind of book you just keep thinking about for days afterwards. So satisfying. Definitely recommend!!!

And without further ado… a view of the city from above, a beautiful tree in the French Quarter, and the beads of Bourbon Street. Next stop – alligators. 😉


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