Week of March 16 – Sprinting and Walking

Writing: In the last few weeks and months, I have come to terms with something I’ve known on a certain level since the year I ran track in high school – I am a sprinter, not a distance runner, in most aspects of life.

Put in other terms – I work in bursts. This point came home to me yet again this week. After a non-spectacular week of revising last week, I fought the instinct to make up for it on the weekend, and instead watched some Lord of the Rings, hung out with my wonderful cousins, ate way too much cheese and crackers, and binge read. And you know what? Come yesterday, I wrote four times as much as what I usually write – just on character prequels that are part of my revisions.

Moral of the short story: I am accepting the fact that it’s okay to have slow weeks and break days, because they are usually followed by bursts of creative energy and lots of productivity. Why should I try to be marathon runner, when I’m really a sprinter? I’d rather walk for a while then make a few mad dashes forward than try to run slowly the whole way. It’s not everyone’s style – some people would find that unevenness too stressful – but it is mine, and it’s important for me to know that.

And thankfully, I can safely say I’m a lot better at writing than I ever was at the 50 yard dash (lol athletics).

Reading: Just finished Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness – wow, what a monster of a book. It’s a novel, but written by a historian, so it’s filled to the brim with rich history interwoven with a tale of witches, vampires and daemons. Definitely a marathon of a book, not a sprint, but I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys history (British, Elizabethan Age history in particular) and fantasy.

Life: Crazy as always, but sorting itself through. It’s gorgeous in Illinois, and I feel like it’s the first time I’ve really seen my Chicagoland area do spring right (knock on wood). And since my car had a minor meltdown and is in the shop anyways… time for lots of biking and walking, when not in the writing cave! On that note, I have a week and a half until lots of travel happens…. so time to sprint!!! 😉

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