Hello again blog!

Hello world!

Well, my intention to start blogging three months back became a bit sidetracked, for a reason I never would have predicted a year ago – the ideas and the worlds forming in my mind refused to be kept quietly contained any longer, and I began to let them flow from my mind to my pen, pencil and keyboard, and onto paper (both cyber and physical).

That’s right, I was distracted from my writing by my writing. Well, sort of. While I was writing some blog posts in my notebook and on my phone, the majority of my writing time went to the aforementioned stories begging to be released from my head.

So the editing and finalizing of blog stories got pushed to the back burner in Madrid. Well, long story short, I am back from Spain, living in Illinois, I now have a writing office (kind of – family basements count right?) and am beyond excited to say that I have much more writing time on my hands, as I have decided to dedicate at least the next year to write a book. Or two. Or more. We’ll see. 🙂

So, now that I have free time for things like hobbies, including say… blogging! I will be giving it another go. Still not sure what I’ll post, but expect a wide spread of things. I think I’ll start with posts I wrote throughout my time in Spain, then move into the present, but who knows? As I alluded to before, limiting myself is something I try to avoid. So here goes a new hobby. Let me know what you think as I go on. And thanks for reading!

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