Hello world, family, and friends! Well, here goes my first blog post. I’m reluctant to start this blog with a defining paragraph about what I intend to write in it. My writing is often a free flow of whatever happens to enter my mind and inspires me enough to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys. Having a clearly stated “blog-mission” feels a bit constraining.

So let me just start out with my motivations for starting a blog instead and let the content become clear as I go. First of all, I enjoy writing, and am seeking a chance to write more regularly, and for a critical audience who can give me feedback. Secondly, I am currently in Madrid, Spain, half a world away from my community of family and friends in Chicago. Hopefully, this blog can be a way for me to stay better connected with my loved ones – a little window into my life for those who’d like to look.

This all being said, feel free to read if and when you’d like, and let me know what you think. I’ll try and put something on Facebook when I write a new post, or send out a message through email. Honestly – comments, criticisms, or even just messages saying hello in response to a post would all be appreciated! Until next time,


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